Harrisdale Physiotherapy Services

Harrisdale Physiotherapy provides comprehensive services tailored to individual patient needs.

Physiotherapy Consultation

Each physiotherapy consultation is tailored to individual patient needs, but will generally follow along these lines:

  • A thorough assessment to identify the cause(s) of your condition, and to determine your goals for physiotherapy treatment
  • Appropriate hands-on treatment
  • Exercise prescription first aimed at improving your condition, and then at maintaining good health and future injury prevention
  • Education and advice on the cause(s) of your condition, and how best to modify your sport/work/lifestyle as necessary

Private Health rebates apply (HiCAPS). Please click here to see if your Private Health fund is linked to HiCAPS direct claiming facilities.

Sports Physiotherapy Consultation

Our APA titled Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist have completed extra Master’s degree qualifications specific to sporting and exercise related conditions. They work with people across the physical activity continuum – regular exercisers and those returning to exercise, weekend athletes, fitness fanatics and elite athletes. If you would like to see one of our Sports Physiotherapists, request either Jonathan Ellis or Erin Diamond when booking.


Strength and Conditioning Classes

Physiotherapist-led S&C Classes are capped at four people maximum to ensure close supervision. All participants are provided with individual programming suited to their individual needs and goals.

Whether you are rehabilitating an injury to return to sport, improving your general fitness after an injury, mastering your exercise technique, or just interested in improving your general health and fitness, S&C Classes are for you.

Private Health rebates apply (HiCAPS).

1-on-1 Clinical Pilates

We conduct one on one Pilates sessions at Harrisdale Physiotherapy. We are equipped with a pilates reformer and floor equipment.

Please call or email us for Pilates enquiries. 

Private Health rebates may apply (HiCAPS).

Taping Consultation

We offer taping only consultations if you require pre-match taping for ankles, knees, shoulders or any other joints.

Taping consultations are billed per joint taped, and private health fund rebates apply.

Contact us for any queries relating to taping consultations.


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An Ergonomic Assessment involves the evaluation of a workstation and the physical environment, and its interaction with the employee.

Harrisdale Physiotherapy is experienced in conducting these assessments as either a preventative measure or to accommodate injured or ill employees return to work.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) are a series of standardised tests used to assess a worker’s physical ability in completing a range of tasks.

These tasks are usually tailored to a specific occupation and its relevant workplace demands.

A Job Task Analysis (JTA) consists of a series of assessments based on a comprehensive analysis of inherent physical demands within any given occupation.

JTA’s may then be used to develop specific screening tools for job roles within a Company, for example, Pre-Employment Functional Capacity Evaluations.

Manual Handling Injuries (MHI) result in more lost time than any other type of injury (70% of all long-term Workcover claims are due to MHI). Effective Manual Handling Training significantly reduces the risk of these injuries occurring.

Harrisdale Physiotherapy provides a wide variety of Manual Handling Training tailored to various occupations within Western Australia, in line with the National Standards relevant to your Industry.

Physiotherapists are skilled in injury assessment, treatment, ongoing management, and prevention.

Harrisdale Physiotherapy provides On-Site Physiotherapy services to corporate organisations who wish to minimise their incidence of Workers Compensation Claims and lost time due to injury (LTI), whilst simultaneously improving the health and wellbeing of their workforce.

Pre-Employment Fitness screenings are used to determine a prospective Employee’s ability to perform the inherent physical tasks necessary in a given job.

They are often used in conjunction with Medical and Psychological Screenings to provide an overall picture of an individual’s health and suitability for employment.